September at The FCDC: The month of Continuous Learning

It’s September, and we’re thrilled to share the latest happenings at The FCDC this month.


September was all about continuous learning, and we packed our agenda with exciting activities to help our members grow and succeed. Here’s what happened this month:


Two More Technical SEO Trainees Paired with Internships.


We are thrilled to announce that two of our former Tech SEO trainees have secured internships:


Shwetha Patil


Both will be working as interns at Second Eclipse and were trained by Tom Pool during last year’s tech SEO cohort which was sponsored by Semrush.


This brings our total count of Tech SEO trainees placed in internships to five, with one even offered a full-time role. We still have 17 talented Tech SEO trainees eager to begin their internships.


If you’re interested in hiring one, please reach out to us at


Please note that the minimum pay for the Internship is $1,000/month lasting at least three months.


The FCDC Content Cohorts Begin.


September has been off to a great start as we launched three FCDC content cohorts. Our sponsors, RicketyRoo Inc. and SE Ranking made these initiatives possible.


We are thankful to our dedicated teachers, Erika Varangouli, Sarah Sal, and Tara Struyk, who will guide our members on this learning journey.


We are releasing weekly class videos,  to allow everyone to learn alongside our cohorts.


The PR Pitch Writing Scholarship.


Hannah Smith and Britt Klontz generously offered a scholarship ticket for their new course, the PR Pitch Writing: Live Workshop Series.


We’re grateful to them for this opportunity, and the scholarship was awarded to FCDC Member, Farouk Umar Farouk.


More details on the course: PR Pitch Writing: Live Workshop Series


FCDC Mentor Applications are Still Open.


The FCDC has successfully paired 60 members with amazing mentors this month, providing valuable opportunities for growth and learning. We’re actively seeking experienced mentors to join us in guiding our members through their transformative journeys.


The next round of mentorships begins in the first week of October and some can also start in November.


It’s a two-month commitment with one-hour weekly video calls. Please consider becoming a mentor or encourage others to do so.


Watch firsthand mentor experiences from:



This is a chance to give back, support diversity, and be part of something truly special!


The FCDC went to Brighton SEO


The FCDC was at Brighton SEO last week and this is our 3rd time attending the event as a community!👥


We’re excited to share that 9 FCDC members attended Brighton SEO for free this month and were provided with free accommodation. We also gave out 25 tickets to the event in total.


We are sincerely thankful to everyone who donated and made this possible. Here’s to many more years of diversifying the halls of SEO!


We were also able to interview these 6 amazing SEO experts for our Tech SEO stories (brightonSEO edition) to hear about their journey into SEO:



We are currently working on releasing these interviews soon.

If you remember, back in April, we interviewed 7 awesome guests. You can binge all those Tech SEO stories here



NESS (News & Editorial SEO Summit) 2023.



We would like to say a huge thank you to NESS – News & Editorial SEO Summit for donating tickets to this year’s summit.👨🏾‍🏫

In addition to their kind donation, NESS has extended a 25% discount to our FCDC members for their event tickets.🎟️🎟️



Through this incredible summit, our members will be able to learn more about SEO for news publishers!

NESS brings the best minds of the SEO and publishing industries together to share their insights and expertise. We are truly excited about this event!

For more details on the conference and tickets, please visit here




FCDC September Office Hours.


We had our FCDC Office Hours on September 22nd at 3 p.m. WAT. This session was tailored for new members, where we’ll answer questions about FCDC initiatives and how they can benefit from them.



We’re committed to fostering continuous learning and growth, and we look forward to another impactful month ahead.


That’s it for our September Update! If you have any ideas, thoughts, and feedback to share with the coalition, you can send us an email.


You can also share this post with your peers and if you know any BIPOC folks who could benefit from what we do, encourage them to join us here.

Jadesola Kareem

Passionate about content and diversity, Jadesola is a content writer. In her free time, with a cup of coffee in hand, she binges on reality shows.

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