FCDC Mentor Highlight: Fiona Campbell-Howes

We spoke with Fiona Campbell-Howes, a renowned B2B tech writer and mentor at the FCDC last year. Fiona shares her firsthand experience as a mentor to Jul Domingo, discussing why she decided to become a mentor at the FCDC and more!


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Guest Profile


✍🏾Name: Fiona Campbell-Howes

✍🏾What She Does: Fiona is a Senior B2B tech content writer

✍🏾Company: Greythorne Consulting Ltd

✍🏾Noteworthy: She has extensive experience writing for major B2B tech brands including Arm, AWS, Google, IBM, Microsoft, Nokia, Oracle, Salesforce, Slack, and Xerox.




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Fiona became a mentor for the Freelance Coalition of Developing Countries (FCDC) due to her awareness of the challenges faced by freelancers in developing countries. She wanted to contribute to leveling the playing field and addressing prejudices against freelancers from these regions.


As a mentor, Fiona guided Jul Domingo, a talented writer, addressing both practical and psychological challenges. Fiona also became more aware of her own privileges and the barriers faced by freelancers in developing countries through this mentorship experience.



Jadesola Kareem

Passionate about content and diversity, Jadesola is a content writer. In her free time, with a cup of coffee in hand, she binges on reality shows.

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