A common statement we hear from our members is that when they started their freelance journey, they were receiving as low as $5 per article. Obviously, this rate is abysmal considering all the effort it takes to research and produce an article and NO ONE should be earning such an amount.

We know that BIPOC Marketers face challenges in negotiating fair compensation due to systemic biases and pay disparities. That’s where our FCDC Salary Database comes in. Everyone should be able to charge what they are worth.

Our Salary Database is a comprehensive resource that provides the information you need to negotiate freelance rates and salaries with confidence. With data from real marketers across various industries and experience levels, you can benchmark your worth and ensure you’re being compensated fairly.


Benefits of Using Our Salary Database

  • Gain insights into current market rates for BIPOC marketers
  • Identify salary ranges based on your experience, skills, and location
  • Feel empowered to negotiate confidently with clients and employers
  • Contribute to closing the pay gap for BIPOC marketers in the industry

You can Contribute Anonymously to Keep the Database Current!

Contributing to our database ensures the accuracy and relevance of our database. We respect your privacy and allow you to submit your information anonymously. 

We only require your salary details, experience level, industry, location, and LinkedIn URL to verify your identity, but your name will not be displayed.

Contribute to the database here

Submitted Salaries to the FCDC Database