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FCDC provides learning resources and mentorship for BIPOC freelancers who need help upskilling and learning the business side of freelancing

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“I went from making $500 per month to $3500 per month in less than 6 months of working with my amazing mentor! That’s clocking in 7x growth! Joining The Freelance Coalition is the best business decision I’ve made! ”

Sharved Maganbeharie, Conversion Copywriter (South Africa)

Sharved was just like you until something changed

He got access to the tools, resources, and support He needed to scale his income fast

He learned how to position as an expert and sell his offers confidently

He figured out how to showcase the value of his work and get hired immediately

He learned how to highlight his results and prove he’s worth the investment

Most importantly, Sharved had access to the best mentor who helped him stay focused and grow consistently

This is what happens when you join the coalition

Yes it is free forever

“Lie about your location if you want to work with foreign brands”

“This advice prevented me from shooting for the stars. I restricted myself to local clients because I believed there was nothing else out there. After my mentorship sessions, I realized how limiting this notion was.
Positioning as an expert in my niche opened up more opportunities beyond the shores of Nigeria.

I raised my rates without worrying about anything!
I’d have never done it without Dayana, my mentor.”

Marline Oluchi SEO Copywriter & Communications Specialist (Nigeria)

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Frequently Asked Questions

No. The Freelance Coalition is an exclusive community for BIPOC Freelancers only.

Yes, you’re welcome. No matter where you live, BIPOC folks have the same struggles. You’re welcome inside the coalition even if you live in a developed country.

You get lifetime access to the recorded video training, masterclasses, podcast interviews, guides, and ebooks inside the Coalition.

Once the 4-week period ends, you’ll be paired with a different mentor depending on availability. Priority is given to new members who’ve never received mentoring support.

However, the rotational system ensures that everyone who signed up receives value from the program.

You’ll never have to pay for anything with the freelance coalition. Training, resources and mentorship will be free forever.

Yes! You can get started with recorded masterclasses and other training material right away. When you have a bit more experience, you can go ahead and apply for mentorship.


“I had nobody to help me when I was starting out. But after joining The Freelance Coalition, I’ve easily doubled my rates and put a permanent stop to undercharging for my services!” 

Lakshmi Padmanaban, Conversion Copywriter (India)

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