BIPOC Freelancers Are Overworked and Underpaid It Ends Now!

The average freelancer in a developing country works 15 hours a day and earns less than $4 an hour. That’s one-tenth of the income of a US freelancer with the same or lesser experience.

Look at the numbers

BIPOC Freelancers have fewer opportunities because they only get hired by people who look like them.

That bias where White clients tend to hire freelancers who look like them is the reason why BIPOC Freelancers are left out of the talent pool.

BIPOC freelancers get judged for

But it gets worse. Imagine making $4 a day to feed a family of five

Hi, this is Sodiq Ajala and I’m a Nigerian content marketer with 7 years of experience.

My location and the color of my skin put me at a disadvantage. I used to earn $120 a month working round the clock. I wrote 1500 words for $5 because I thought this was the best offer available.
I never took my kids to nice restaurants because I couldn’t afford anything above the bare essentials.

Thankfully, I joined the coalition and my life changed. My monthly revenue has jumped 4 times and I’m on course to 10x it before the end of Q2. I can give my family the life I’ve always wanted without choosing between food or marketing tools. 

Sodiq Ajala
Content Marketing and Freelance Copywriter (Nigeria)

Talented freelancers like Sodiq are making $1500 per month with the Coalition’s support.

They have access to the tools and resources they need to charge their worth.

Sodiq got out. But there are so many Sodiqs out there still living in misery.

However, it’s a different scenario on the other side of the world as Dayana explains. 

Some of the success I’ve Enjoyed Is a Direct Result of My White Privilege

Hi, this is Dayana Mayfield and I’m a SaaS Copywriter from California.

Some of the good things that I’ve experienced aren’t a product of my efforts. Rather, it’s because of how familiar I look to my prospects.

That is my white privilege. Unfortunately, we live in a world where my BIPOC friends who are equally talented, skilled, and passionate about what they do, don’t get hired as easily as you and I. They aren’t paid a fair wage because of their location!

This unfair wage gap is a dangerous beast. The fact that it exists motivates me to donate to The Freelance Coalition for Developing Countries.

Heck, can you imagine sending a $5 invoice to write 1500 words?

Dayana Mayfield
Founder of Pitch & Profit

Why donate to The Freelance Coalition for Developing Countries?

There are no developing nations discount

“$4/day is not respectable pay in developing countries because it’s not just about paying for lunch anymore.

Yes, the cost of living might be lower. But the cost of continuing education, staying on top of subscriptions, and getting access to information is still the same.

It costs a lot of money and there are no developing nations discounts.

The nature of talent found in developing countries is incredible. They just need a chance to be found. That’s why I donate to The Freelance Coalition and I urge you to do it too!”

Hillary Weiss,
Creative Director

Donate to level the playing field

“There’s this perception that certain freelancers are successful because they’re talented, hard-working, and committed.

That’s not true!

They’re successful because they’re coming from a place of white privilege.

As a White woman, I earn a great income because I had a headstart in this race.

Headstart in the form of a free ticket called whiteness, which my BIPOC friends lack. There’s no doubt about that.

I donate to the Freelance Coalition because I want to level the playing field. My BIPOC peers deserve a fair chance.”

Sally M Fox,
UK Freelance Copywriter

Every Freelancer Should Earn a Fair Wage

“Our community is only as successful as every single member in it.

And that includes both freelancers in developed and developing countries.

We can do better as a collective by helping freelancers who need it the most. Whether it’s through mentorship, feedback, relationship development, or saying, “No, it’s not OK to pay your freelancer $4/hour “, it’s critical that we help freelancers in developing countries rise up with us.

That’s why I am excited to be a part of the Freelance Coalition. The coalition makes it easy for us to connect with freelancers who are seeking mentorship and support.

I’ve enjoyed every minute of my time mentoring in this program.

And I look forward to being a part of it until every freelancer, is paid a fair wage.” 

Kira Hug
Cofounder of the Copywriter Club

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m glad you asked. Right now, I (Chima Mmeje) am paying for this non-profit program mostly out of pocket. We have multiple expenses such as setting up costs and recurring expenditures like website maintenance, marketing, content creation, and more.

When you donate to The Freelance Coalition, you empower us to provide training resources for freelancers and keep the website in excellent shape. If you have any questions, please email me at

Sure, write to me at 

The mentors inside the Coalition dedicate one hour a week for four weeks to help their mentees.

There are clear agreements on time commitments to ensure that the mentees do not encroach your boundaries.

Privilege and Hard Work Are Not the Same Thing

Almost everyone has access to the right knowledge. But what the BIPOC folks lack is the privilege of the right mindset. A conversation can change your life and things work better for you instantly because you know how to present yourself.

For example, when I’m training a BIPOC copywriter, I tell them – Hey Mike, it might be good for you to include a video introduction so prospects know you can speak English. But if I’m advising a white copywriter to include a video, then it’s usually to showcase personality. Not to prove that they know the language.

This is the missing piece of the puzzle and the disparity we’re fixing inside The Freelance Coalition for Developing Countries. Please donate.”

Valerio Puggioni,
Founder of The Freelance Copywriter Collective