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The goal here is to bring freelancers together across race, countries, and every divide that exists.


Your task is to provide support to help BIPOC folks in developing countries.

Here, support is described as one weekly mentorship session over video chat every week for eight(8) weeks.

Most freelancers in developing countries can’t afford to pay for courses, even those you consider cheap.


We don’t have anyone to turn to for guidance, so we stay small, eating crumbs that fall off the table. With your donation of time, you can help ONE freelancer upskill in a way they wouldn’t have dreamt of.


If you’ve been looking for a way to help BIPOC folks in developing countries, I’m hoping you’ll share this form with your friends and
join the list.



In the past cohort, we had mentors who signed up to provide support and completely ghosted after getting paired.




Only sign up if you can carve out an hour every week for 2 months to help a BIPOC freelancer