FCDC Abuja and Lagos Meetup: An event to remember

Our community had the pleasure of coming together for our very first meetups in Abuja and Lagos, Nigeria.    These meetups were generously sponsored by Turn Global, WithFrontier, Top of the Funnel Community, and Digitaloft.   We ensured that these events were not just about networking but also about learning and enjoying some yummy meals. […]

FCDC Mentee Highlight: Chidinma Nwanorue

https://vimeo.com/898073548/cad8cd5a99?share=copy In this interview, Chidinma shares her experience in the FCDC content marketing mentorship program.   She talked to us about; Her motivation for joining Highlights from her sessions with mentor Melissa Popp Tasks and projects that improved her skills, and the soft skills she believes are essential for a successful mentorship.   Chidinma also […]

FCDC Mentee Highlight: Tamilore Adeoye

https://vimeo.com/893323533?share=copy We love to hear mentorship success stories!   A couple of weeks into Tamilore Adeoye’s mentorship, she was offered paid work by her brilliant mentor Lou Peck!   Tamilore shared all the amazing details about her mentorship with us!   She talked to us about; Why she signed up for the program Her responsibilities […]

November at The FCDC

As November comes to an end, the Freelance Coalition for Developing Countries (FCDC) wraps up a month of impactful initiatives and exciting collaborations.   Here’s a brief overview of the events that happened throughout the month:   The FCDC Talent Database.   We’re excited to share that you can hire BIPOC talent through the FCDC! […]

FCDC Mentor Highlight: Chrissy Kidd

     https://vimeo.com/888899891?share=copy SEO manager, Chrissy Kidd is an SEO content writing mentor to Mariam Odusola and the mentorship has been an absolute success.   Chrissy talked to us about; Why she decided to become a mentor at the FCDC  Progress her mentee has made  Building a mentorship relationship through personal connections and much more […]

FCDC Mentor Highlight: Melissa Popp

https://vimeo.com/887222308?share=copy Melissa Popp is a Content Strategy Director with 20+ years of experience and this is her second time being a mentor at the FCDC. We had an insightful conversation with Melissa about her experience as as an content marketing mentor to FCDC member Chidinma Nwanorue. Melissa shares her reason for being a mentor at the FCDC, the key […]

October at the FCDC

October has flown by and we are happy to share all the initiatives and activities that happened this month at the FCDC!   Here’s a quick rundown of what we’ve been up to:   Welcome Digitaloft – Our Mentorship Sponsor.   We’re thrilled to have Digitaloft join us as our mentorship sponsor. Their guidance and […]

The FCDC’s is having it First Meetups in Abuja and Lagos!!

  In today’s digital age, where freelancers collaborate virtually for the most part, it’s easy to forget the significance of real-world connections.   At the start of 2022, we had about 400 FCDC members from all over the world, this year, we’ve grown to over 2,500+ amazing members with over 1,300 members living in Nigeria! […]

September at The FCDC: The month of Continuous Learning

It’s September, and we’re thrilled to share the latest happenings at The FCDC this month.   September was all about continuous learning, and we packed our agenda with exciting activities to help our members grow and succeed. Here’s what happened this month:   Two More Technical SEO Trainees Paired with Internships.   We are thrilled […]

FCDC Mentor Highlight: Dr. Fio Dossetto

We spoke with Dr. Fio Dossetto, one of the best content marketing professionals in the industry. Dr. Fio discusses her delightful experience as a mentor to Lily Ugbaja, why she decided to become a mentor at the FCDC, and more! If you’d like to be a mentor at the FCDC please register here. Guest Profile Name: Dr. […]