September at The FCDC: The month of Continuous Learning

It’s September, and we’re thrilled to share the latest happenings at The FCDC this month.   September was all about continuous learning, and we’ve packed our agenda with exciting activities to help our members grow and succeed. Here’s what’s new:   Two More Technical SEO Trainees Paired with Internships. We are thrilled to announce that […]

FCDC Mentor Highlight: Dr. Fio Dossetto

We spoke with Dr. Fio Dossetto, one of the best content marketing professionals in the industry. Dr. Fio discusses her delightful experience as a mentor to Lily Ugbaja, why she decided to become a mentor at the FCDC, and more! If you’d like to be a mentor at the FCDC please register here. Guest Profile Name: Dr. […]

August At the FCDC

As August unfolds, we’re thrilled to share the latest updates from The FCDC.   These updates will offer a transparent glimpse into our achievements and upcoming initiatives this month.    Three FCDC Tech SEO Trainees have secured internships.   We’re delighted to announce that three of our former tech SEO trainees have gotten internships:   […]

FCDC Mentor Highlight: Fiona Campbell-Howes We spoke with Fiona Campbell-Howes, a renowned B2B tech writer and mentor at the FCDC last year. Fiona shares her firsthand experience as a mentor to Jul Domingo, discussing why she decided to become a mentor at the FCDC and more!   If you’d like to be a mentor at the FCDC please register here. […]

FCDC Mentor Highlight: Lily Ugbaja

Lily Ugbaja Lily was a mentor and mentee with Dr. Fio Dossetto last year during the FCDC Mentorship pairing. She talks about her experience as a mentor & mentee and why she thinks folks should sign up to become Mentors this year.   If you’d like to be a mentor at the FCDC please register here;  […]

From Inspiration to Action: Oluwafemi Oluwalusi’s Experience at BrightonSEO

In this interview, we sat down with Oluwafemi Oluwalusi, an SEO copywriter with 3 years of experience, to gain insider insights into his experience at BrightonSEO in April.  Oluwafemi shares his motivations for attending, the excitement of meeting industry experts in person, his favorite talks, networking experiences, and the impact the event has had on […]

July At The FCDC

We are thrilled to share the exciting updates on our July initiatives and the positive impact we are hoping to make this month.   We’re kicking off three content cohorts in September! We have opened applications to all the 3 content cohorts.   FCDC Members can learn either, content marketing, content writing, or copywriting.   All the cohorts […]

FCDC Pride Month Special Month with Chima Mmeje

Chima Mmeje Pride Month

Episode Summary Happy Pride Month!  Throughout this month, the FCDC is excited to shine a spotlight on our incredible queer members, as we delve into their inspiring journeys of self-acceptance. For our final episode from the FCDC pride month special, we spoke to our Founder and SEO content writer, Chima Mmeje. This conversation sheds light […]

Discovering the Power of Community: Crystal Nyarko’s Brighton SEO 2023 Experience.

Crystal Nyarko's Brighton SEO

In April, we had the incredible privilege of taking our members to BrightonSEO, immersing them in the world of digital marketing excellence. We spoke to them to share their experience at the event.   In this interview, Crystal discusses her motivations for attending the event, the excitement of being part of a community, memorable talks […]

Sogide Chukwuanu’s Enlightening Experience at BrightonSEO

Rebecca Sogide

We had a chat with Sogide Rebecca Chukwuanu, a content copywriter and aspiring content SEO specialist, who attended and volunteered at the Brighton SEO conference with the FCDC.   In this interview, she shares her first-time experience at BrightonSEO and how it impacted her career.    From conquering networking jitters to gaining confidence in her […]