FCDC Mentor Highlight: Lily Ugbaja

Lily Ugbaja

Lily was a mentor and mentee with Dr. Fio Dossetto last year during the FCDC Mentorship pairing. She talks about her experience as a mentor & mentee and why she thinks folks should sign up to become Mentors this year.


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Guest Profile

Lily ugbaja✍🏾Name: Lily Ugbaja

✍🏾What She Does: Lily is a content writer and strategist.

✍🏾Company: Lily Ugbaja

✍🏾Noteworthy: With over 6 years of experience, Lily has done amazing work with clients like Semrush, Shopify, and Animalz




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Episode Summary 

As a mentee, Lily had the opportunity to be mentored by Dr. Fio Dossetto, who had built the product-led content engine at Hotjar.


The mentorship experience was amazing for Lily, as Fio’s down-to-earth nature and extensive knowledge made it feel like chatting with a friend. Fio not only provided a confidence boost but also opened doors to opportunities, such as client referrals and speaking on a panel together.


Shifting to Lily’s experience as a mentor, she discusses the importance of representation and giving back.  As someone who didn’t see many African faces in her field, she understands the impact an African mentor would have had on her confidence and mindset. 


Lily encourages others to become mentors because she believes that everyone has something valuable to share.


Mentoring not only helps the mentees but also challenges mentors to expand their own knowledge and perspectives.

Jadesola Kareem

Passionate about content and diversity, Jadesola is a content writer. In her free time, with a cup of coffee in hand, she binges on reality shows.

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