We are thrilled to share the exciting updates on our July initiatives and the positive impact we are hoping to make this month.


We’re kicking off three content cohorts in September!

We have opened applications to all the 3 content cohorts.


FCDC Members can learn either, content marketing, content writing, or copywriting.


All the cohorts will last for three months and the online classes will hold once a week from the first week of September until the last day of November.


The cohorts will be taught by these wonderful women;


  • Content writing taught by Tara Struyk the VP of content at Janalta.


  • Content Marketing cohort taught by Erika Vranguli the VP of International Brand at Semrush.


  • Copywriting taught by Sara Sal, Facebook and LinkedIn Ads specialist at Hootsuite.


We are also very thankful to SERanking for coming on as our first cohort sponsor.


Interested folks can apply here;








We are bringing back the digital marketing mentorships in September.  Mentorships can be a game-changing opportunity for a BIPOC person’s career as a digital marketer!


This is a skill mentorship where you learn how to improve your skills. So you can receive help on your website, branding, content, or SEO skills.


When you fill out the form to apply, write down your goals. Your mentor can only provide support when you know exactly what you want to get out of mentorship.


Register to get a mentor here


If you have the bandwidth to become a mentor, we’d love for you to sign up to mentor an FCDC Member here!


We will start pairings in August and the mentorships will kick off in September.


Free Tickets To NESS 2023.


We have tickets for anyone who wants to attend the News and Editorial SEO Summit (NESS) Conference holding between October 11-12.


NESS brings the best minds of the SEO and publishing industries together to share their insights and expertise.

From Google News to Discover, from Top Stories to news apps, you will learn what it takes to grow your presence in all organic locations where news is shown.

We are thankful to John Shehata for gifting tickets to the FCDC to attend NESS 2023 for free.


If you do SEO for editorial or publishing purposes or this is something you have an interest in, please apply for a free ticket valued at $169.


Attend BrightonSEO September 2023 For Free🎟️


You can attend Brighton SEO for FREE through the FCDC.


We will provide accommodation from 13th to 16th September plus tickets to the event on 14th and 15th September so you don’t have to rush home after the last talk.


We’re taking 9 people to BrightonSEO so act fast if you want a ticket🏃🏾‍♀️💨


If you know a person of color in digital marketing who would find this useful, please share the form with them.


Apply to attend BrightonSEO with The FCDC:



You can read about the experiences of the FCDC Members who attended back in April, here;





If you would like to sponsor a BIPOC person to attend BrightonSEO, it cost 160 GBP per person, and we’d be grateful for your help to achieve our mission of diversifying SEO events.


The entire figure goes towards providing accommodation for members.

Please donate here


SE Ranking Donated 50 Essential Plans Subscription For 6 Months!



SE Ranking has donated 50 spots to the community. We’re reserving 30 spots for those who’ll partake in the September cohorts, and giving the remaining 20 spots to community members.


50 FCDC members will get access to the Essential plan for 6 months, free of charge!


With SE Ranking, you can track your SEO progress and make timely adjustments to your strategy based on actionable insights.


You can apply for FREE Access here





On the 7th of July, we had our very first office hours!! We answered all questions about the upcoming programs, and how interested applicants can have a successful application!


It was a success and we hope to have them monthly, to see how we can make the FCDC better for our members.


We hope to continue to make a positive change in the industry and help diversify SEO spaces with your help!


Jadesola Kareem

Passionate about content and diversity, Jadesola is a content writer. In her free time, with a cup of coffee in hand, she binges on reality shows.

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