Sogide Chukwuanu’s Enlightening Experience at BrightonSEO

Rebecca Sogide

We had a chat with Sogide Rebecca Chukwuanu, a content copywriter and aspiring content SEO specialist, who attended and volunteered at the Brighton SEO conference with the FCDC.


In this interview, she shares her first-time experience at BrightonSEO and how it impacted her career. 


From conquering networking jitters to gaining confidence in her abilities, Rebecca’s experience at BrightonSEO offers a glimpse into the importance of diversity at industry events.


This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.


Hi, Rebecca! We’re thrilled to have you here today. Can you introduce yourself and share a bit about your background?


My name is Sogide Rebecca Chukwuanu. I work as a content copywriter, and more recently, I’ve been delving into content SEO.


Being a part of the FCDC community has been helpful in my journey. It has provided access to valuable resources, webinars, events, and, of course, the incredible opportunity to attend BrightonSEO, which was a game-changer for me.


That’s fantastic, Rebecca! Let’s dive right in, let’s talk about your motivation for attending BrightonSEO. As a content copywriter, what inspired you to want to attend this year with the FCDC?


Venturing into content SEO was a personal journey for me. I had been exploring it independently, seeking resources and learning as much as I could. 


When I saw the chance to attend BrightonSEO, it felt like an incredible opportunity to learn from industry experts, connect with like-minded professionals, and build a supportive community.


The desire to gain knowledge and establish valuable connections with like-minded individuals was my driving force in attending the conference.


Excellent! Now, let’s talk about your experience at BrightonSEO. Can you describe your feelings when you entered the conference hall for the first time?


To be honest, I was quite nervous initially. The conference hall was filled with numerous attendees, many of whom had impressive titles on their badges. It was an awe-inspiring sight. 


However, as time passed, I started engaging in conversations with people, including industry experts and fellow FCDC members.


I was able to have meaningful conversations, which was a significant highlight for me since networking is something I usually struggle with as an introvert.


It’s great to hear that you found comfort eventually at the event. Now, let’s shift our focus to the talks. Which presentations stood out to you the most?


Two talks really resonated with me. The first one was Simon Lesser’s talk on Google’s Bard and Chat GPT. This topic aligned with my ongoing experiments and work in the field. 


The second talk that deeply resonated with me was Areej Abuali’s keynote speech. It was inspiring to see someone from a minority group being represented, talking about the power of representation, and sharing their expertise.


This experience motivated me to push myself further in my work.


Those sound like incredibly impactful sessions. Now, let’s move on to networking. Who were you most excited to meet at the event, and how did you overcome your initial nervousness when engaging with others?


I was particularly excited to meet Chima, one of the organizers behind the FCDC events, as we had been Facebook friends but hadn’t met in person. 


Additionally, meeting Areej was another highlight, although our conversation was brief. 


Overcoming my initial nervousness was a gradual process. My advice, despite coming from a shy person like me, would be to simply start a conversation.


Initiating with a simple introduction, asking what the other person does, and sharing your own experiences can lead to meaningful exchanges and connections. 


Wonderful advice, Rebecca. Now, looking back on the entire BrightonSEO experience, what was your biggest takeaway?


On a personal level, the importance of representation and community became evident to me. Previously, I had felt isolated in my SEO journey, thinking I was the only one facing certain challenges. 


However, meeting fellow FCDC members who were at similar stages in their journeys allowed us to exchange insights, share struggles, and offer reassurance. 


Professionally, BrightonSEO opened my eyes to the value of networking. Meaningful conversations with industry experts allowed me to adopt a more actionable approach to my content strategy. I’ve been applying the insights gained from the resources I got at the conference to my work.


That’s fantastic to hear, Rebecca. Finally, how has attending BrightonSEO impacted your career, and do you have any lasting lessons or insights from the event?


The impact on my career has been substantial. Attending BrightonSEO boosted my confidence in expressing my ideas and opinions at work and on platforms like LinkedIn. I used to shy away from sharing my thoughts, fearing that I didn’t know enough.


However, the conference taught me that even small steps matter and that I’m not alone in my journey. My biggest takeaway is that consistent effort, no matter how small, can yield significant results.

Thank you for sharing your valuable insights, Rebecca. I’m sure you’re excited about the next BrightonSEO happening later this year!

Yeah, I’m excited about that. Thank you for having me. 


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