From Inspiration to Action: Oluwafemi Oluwalusi’s Experience at BrightonSEO

In this interview, we sat down with Oluwafemi Oluwalusi, an SEO copywriter with 3 years of experience, to gain insider insights into his experience at BrightonSEO in April. 

Oluwafemi shares his motivations for attending, the excitement of meeting industry experts in person, his favorite talks, networking experiences, and the impact the event has had on his career.

Hello, Femi! Thank you for joining us today. Could you introduce yourself briefly and why you decided to attend BrightonSEO?

I’m Oluwafemi Oluwalusi, an SEO copywriter with three years of experience. I was drawn to BrightonSEO when a friend shared the event’s details with me.

I had recently moved to the UK and was looking to transition into technical SEO. BrightonSEO seemed like the perfect opportunity to learn and network, so I made the trip from Manchester to Brighton.

That’s great, Femi. As a first-time attendee, what were your initial thoughts and emotions when you stepped into the event venue?

It was an awe-inspiring moment for me. Seeing industry experts whom I had previously followed online in person was truly amazing. I remember feeling starstruck when I saw Sam Oh and couldn’t resist asking for a picture with him.

It was a realization that these individuals, who I had seen on YouTube, were real and approachable. The event was well-organized, and the sense of community among the participants was palpable.

That must have been an incredible experience. Which talks or presentations resonated with you the most during BrightonSEO?

One talk that stood out to me was the keynote speech by Areej Abuali. She emphasized the importance of creating opportunities and communities when they’re not readily available. Her message motivated me to think beyond limitations and take action. 

It was also refreshing to learn from one of the talks that being an SEO specialist doesn’t mean having expertise in every technical aspect. This realization gave me the confidence to focus on my strengths and become a well-rounded SEO professional.

Those are indeed powerful takeaways. Let’s talk about networking. How did you approach networking at BrightonSEO, and what was your overall experience with that?

Initially, I felt a bit nervous about networking, especially as a person of color. However, after engaging in a conversation with someone named Benjamin, who shared a similar background, my confidence grew. 

I realized that breaking the ice with one person made it easier to approach others. I worked on my elevator pitch, focused on what I could offer, and targeted professionals based on their roles. The badges worn by attendees made it easier to identify individuals aligned with my interests. 

Once I overcame the initial hesitation, I was able to connect with many like-minded professionals. Quality connections were more important to me than sheer numbers, and I made strategic efforts to network with the right people.

That’s a great approach to networking. Now, let’s discuss the impact BrightonSEO had on your career. What was your biggest takeaway from the event?

My biggest takeaway was the realization that I should always put myself out there. Areej Abuali’s talk about creating opportunities and communities inspired me to showcase my work and not doubt my abilities. It helped me overcome impostor syndrome and understand that what I have is enough.


Chima also spoke to us (the attendees) and emphasized the importance of actively engaging on platforms like LinkedIn and building a strong portfolio. This revelation fueled me to actively pursue these goals and showcase my expertise confidently.

That’s truly empowering, Femi. How has BrightonSEO impacted your career as a whole?

Attending BrightonSEO has solidified my belief in the value I bring as an SEO professional. I realized that I shouldn’t undervalue myself based on external factors like race. 

Instead, I focus on showcasing the quality of my work and being confident in what I offer. The event also highlighted areas where I want to develop further, such as off-page SEO and link-building strategies.

 BrightonSEO has motivated me to actively pursue these goals and position myself as an SEO specialist without holding back.

Thank you for sharing your valuable insights, Femi. Your experience at BrightonSEO is inspiring, and I’m sure our readers will benefit greatly from hearing your perspective.

It was my pleasure, thank you. 

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