October has flown by and we are happy to share all the initiatives and activities that happened this month at the FCDC!


Here’s a quick rundown of what we’ve been up to:


Welcome Digitaloft – Our Mentorship Sponsor.


We’re thrilled to have Digitaloft join us as our mentorship sponsor. Their guidance and support will go a long way in helping our members on their freelancing journey as having a mentor can be a game-changer.


Digitaloft is an award-winning agency that connects the dots between SEO, Content, and digital PR. If you want to increase your brand’s organic visibility, find out more about digitaloft’s services


We will be sharing the experiences of some of our mentors and mentees, so please stay tuned!




FCDC x Datacamp Partnership.


We’re excited to announce our collaboration with DataCamp, a leading platform for data science and analytics education.


Thanks to this partnership, we were able to provide 20 free licenses to our community members, empowering them with valuable data skills.


The partnership is going very well as our members have started getting certifications in SQL, excel, data literacy, etc.




FCDC Meetups in Abuja and Lagos.


We are happy to announce that we will be having our very first meetups in Lagos and Abuja, Nigeria! The Abuja Christmas meetup is scheduled for December 30, 2023, and the Lagos meetup on January 6, 2024.


We’ll have a roundtable format where anyone who is having troubles with their career will have an open floor to explain their problems and we’ll provide feedback that helps folks along.


You can read more on the FCDC Lagos and Abuja Meetup for more details




We’ve got Tickets to Brighton SEO San Diego.


BrightonSEO generously donated 10 tickets to attend their San Diego conference. This is a fantastic opportunity for our members to learn from experts in the field, network, and gain insights that can take their careers to the next level.


A big thank you to Brighton SEO for supporting our cause! If you’re a person of color and can make the trip to San Diego, please fill out this form 



That’s it for our October Update! If you have any ideas, thoughts, and feedback to share with the coalition, you can send us an email.


You can also share this post with your peers and if you know any BIPOC folks who could benefit from what we do, encourage them to join us here.

Jadesola Kareem

Passionate about content and diversity, Jadesola is a content writer. In her free time, with a cup of coffee in hand, she binges on reality shows.

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