As November comes to an end, the Freelance Coalition for Developing Countries (FCDC) wraps up a month of impactful initiatives and exciting collaborations.


Here’s a brief overview of the events that happened throughout the month:


The FCDC Talent Database.


We’re excited to share that you can hire BIPOC talent through the FCDC! We’ve got a database of amazing and hardworking folks that are ready to work!

Whether you’re looking for a copywriter, content writer, or even a graphic designer, this is your go-to source.


This resource could help in building more diverse teams in the industry.


This initiative was made possible through a generous donation from Azeez Ahmad and the BrightLocal team, and we are grateful.




The FCDC Salary Database


We know that BIPOC Marketers face challenges in negotiating fair compensation due to systemic biases and pay disparities. That’s where the FCDC Salary Database comes in. Everyone should be able to charge what they are worth.


Our Salary Database is a comprehensive resource that provides the information you need to negotiate freelance rates and salaries with confidence.


You can contribute anonymously to keep the database current! Contributing to our database ensures the accuracy and relevance of our database. We respect your privacy and allow you to submit your information anonymously.



The FCDC x Smarketer Partnership.


We’re excited to share that Smarketers Hub and the FCDC are now partners. Our amazing friends over at Smarketers Hub have released their highly anticipated book, Inside the Marketers’ Room.


The book gives career guidance from over 50+ excellent marketers, helping you focus on what matters most for growth. Featuring insights from experts across different marketing verticals and companies like Google, Lipton, PiggyVest, Animalz, Notion, and SEMRush


Get your copy here




FCDC Mentorship Highlight

The FCDC mentorship has slowly come to an end and has been a success as one of our members was employed by her mentor.


We are grateful to Digitaloft for their support and for making this mentorship possible.


We will be sharing the experience of the mentors and mentees of this particular cohort weekly. You can watch the experiences of two of the mentors from this cohort below;

WTS London Recording Scholarship Tickets.


Areej Abuali from Women in TechSEO is gifting free recording tickets to WTSFest 2024 London recording tickets.


Thanks to this generous donation, our members will get to hear 10 brilliant talks by 10 brilliant speakers.





 The Ideation for Digital PR – Scholarship.


Hannah Smith generously offered a scholarship ticket for her new course, the Ideation for Digital PR: Live Workshop Series


We’re grateful to them for this opportunity, and the scholarship was awarded to FCDC Member, Adeel Khan


More details on the course:  Ideation for Digital PR 


That’s it for our November Update! If you have any ideas, thoughts, and feedback to share with the coalition, you can send us an email.


You can also share this post with your peers and if you know any BIPOC folks who could benefit from what we do, encourage them to join us here.

Jadesola Kareem

Passionate about content and diversity, Jadesola is a content writer. In her free time, with a cup of coffee in hand, she binges on reality shows.

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