FCDC Mentee Highlight: Tamilore Adeoye

We love to hear mentorship success stories!


A couple of weeks into Tamilore Adeoye’s mentorship, she was offered paid work by her brilliant mentor Lou Peck!


Tamilore shared all the amazing details about her mentorship with us!


She talked to us about;

  • Why she signed up for the program
  • Her responsibilities while working with her mentor
  • The qualities of a great mentee and more!

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Guest Profile


✍🏾Name: Tamilore Adeoye.


✍🏾What She Does: Freelance Copywriter at the International Bunch


✍🏾Her Mentor: Lou Peck


✍🏾Noteworthy: She is a Freelance B2B SaaS & tech content writer with over two years of experience in creating quality content for individuals and organizations


 This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

Hi Tamilore, thank you for doing this. I’d love to know why you decided to sign up for the FCDC Copywriting Mentorship program.


It was mainly because I realized that I needed an accountability partner.


I wasn’t just looking for somebody I knew who was on the same pace as me. I wanted someone with their own thing going on, someone I could look up to.


When you have a mentor, you are less confused, you are motivated, and you have somebody to copy to an extent.


You’re right about that. Can you share where you were skill-wise before the FCDC Mentorship program?


Before the mentorship, I had recently just started as a B2B SAAS copywriter.


I used to be a content writer and majorly a marketer.  I didn’t have any specific niche.


I just started with B2B SAAS copywriting, and I still knew how to write as a content writer.


But I was still a beginner, and being that I was a marketer before, I had some transferable skills in copywriting.


Awesome. How has your mentorship with Lou been? What new skills have you gained?


Firstly, Lou is a very nice person and our first meeting was casual, and fun.


She helped me focus on the parts of copywriting that I struggled with, which weren’t related to my skills; it was more about gaining the confidence to work on them.


So when I started the mentorship, it was very straightforward and like having an older friend with more experience than me.


We also talked about things outside of work, because she’s actually in the academic research industry and I happen to be a final-year student of physiology.


So when it came to my projects, I had a lot of questions, especially regarding finding my topic, and she was helpful in that regard too.


In terms of our mentorship, she first started by asking about what I was struggling with and what I wanted to work on.


When I told her, she looked at my LinkedIn, she gave me suggestions and me opening a swipe file, how I should practice my copywriting, folks I could look up to, you just have to watch.


She gave me a bunch of resources. From that first session alone, I was able to do a lot.


I’ve been able to do a lot more with my copywriting and portfolio since then.


That’s amazing to hear. A couple of weeks into the mentorship, you were offered work by your mentor, how did that happen?


During a mentorship call, Lou was looking through my LinkedIn profile and portfolio and she noticed I had a bit of experience in copywriting.


As mentioned earlier, both of us are in a similar field. She also mentioned the opportunities of being from my background.


The company, named “The International Bunch,” consists entirely of female employees, but no black person on the team.


My inclusion in the team introduces a diverse perspective.


Oh wow. What does your work on her team entail?


I’m on the team as a freelancer and my role is to create content for her website.


My focus is generally on creating trendy topics about marketing to attract our target audience and engage them.


Basically creating blog posts and copywriting for the website.


That’s great. What soft skills should other mentees have to have a great mentorship like yours?


The mentee should be professional because it helps you separate your work life from your personal life.


The mentee also needs to understand that their mentor has a life and other things going on in their life and that the primary goal is to learn from them.


Most importantly, they should be able to put in the work and dedicate time to the mentorship.


Great advice! What long-term impact has this had on your skills?


Previously, I was concerned with just advancing my career at first.


I am a final-year student but Lou kept emphasizing that one of the best things I can do is to hone my skills, work more, and learn more but not forget that I’m still a student.


Long term, I want to keep learning, working on myself, and making myself invaluable not just obsessing about the monetary aspects.


By the time I’m done with school, I’d like to focus on my copywriting business or any business I’m working on.


I can always transfer my skills, skills are never wasted.


Lastly, would you recommend this mentorship program to other FCDC members?


Absolutely! One of the exciting things about this is that I did the mentorship casually. 


It started with me seeing Chima’s posts on LinkedIn and then hearing about the FCDC. 


When I joined, I didn’t have any explanations for how this was going to go.


When I did get paired with Lou, I was very excited that I had a mentor now.


It was the easiest experience for some things so good. So it came unexpectedly and I was just very grateful.


In just a month, my career has changed to a very good extent, just from clicking a few links I saw randomly a couple of weeks ago.


You guys are working hard and I’m very proud of the community.


So yes, I would recommend the FCDC every day and anytime.

Connect with Tamilore on Linkedin and Twitter.

Jadesola Kareem

Passionate about content and diversity, Jadesola is a content writer. In her free time, with a cup of coffee in hand, she binges on reality shows.

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