FCDC Mentee Highlight: Chidinma Nwanorue

In this interview, Chidinma shares her experience in the FCDC content marketing mentorship program.


She talked to us about;

  • Her motivation for joining
  • Highlights from her sessions with mentor Melissa Popp
  • Tasks and projects that improved her skills, and the soft skills she believes are essential for a successful mentorship.


Chidinma also discusses her plans to pursue content marketing after the mentorship.


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Guest Profile


✍🏾Name: Chidinma Nwanorue


✍🏾What She Does: Freelance content writer and Marketing Assistant


✍🏾Her Mentor: Melissa Popp


✍🏾Noteworthy: Chidinma transitioned into Content writing a year ago and has since written engaging blog posts.


She understands the evolving nature of social media and content marketing and continuously strives to expand her knowledge and skills to deliver exceptional results

Hi Chidinma, firstly, why did you sign up for the FCDC content marketing mentorship?


I was transitioning into content marketing  but I started with content writing.


I would see people tweeting or posting on LinkedIn about the results they got from just writing .


So at first I thought, maybe if I did the content brief myself, I was going to maybe get some results as them.


Over time, I realised that it wasn’t the brief, maybe I was doing something wrong. 


When the mentorship came up, I was like, this is my chance to learn more, because I was actually doing the learning by myself.


When you’re learning by yourself, there is definitely something you miss, that somebody with experience, can point out.


So that was what made me apply for the mentorship. So I’ll be able to get the results that others are getting. 

Okay that’s great! How has your mentorship experience been with Melissa?


She’s amazing. She has so much to share and when we start the session she just jumps right into it.


She also sends resources when she’s done with the session, because she always says to much to always catch up on because there’s always questions and she always has answers for me. It’s been great.


I didn’t know how to write a landing page, I’ve never written one before, but I have written one successfully and I did the brief myself


We also talked about case studies, and I’m working on that, and it will take a longer time.


Amazing! What other tasks/Projects has Melissa given you that now have a significant impact on your skills?


Yeah, we are working on finding a website that I can manage.


 I just have to do the reach out, then get back to her and discuss the strategy.


It’s just a work in progress, right now.

Can you tell us about what you learned while working on the Landing page and case studies?


At first, I thought landing pages were this long and overwhelming task that required a lot of effort. However, after talking to her, I realized it’s about getting straight to the point and emphasizing the values you can offer.


It’s about making it clear so that when someone visits the page, they know exactly what it’s about. She also mentioned that writing the brief yourself helps you understand what you want in your content. As you write, you’ll identify things to add or remove.


That’s exactly how it worked for me—I finished the brief, made adjustments, and went through the writing process again. She reviewed it, and it turned out great.


So, the process, though initially thinking it was challenging, was easier than I expected.


In regards to the case study- I had to start by researching the specific case study I wanted to write about, including the results, problems, solutions, and more.


Currently, I’m still in the research phase and haven’t fully gone into it, but progress is ongoing.


Were there any skills of yours you were able to improve on during the mentorship?


Content briefs, doing the entire brief, keyword research, looking for topics, knowing to goal for the contents.


Landing pages too especially because that seemed like the biggest challenge I had as I’d never written one but I did and it was great!


I’m glad to hear this. What are the soft skills should every mentee have for a successful mentorship?


Commitment is actually the biggest challenge that I know people face. Sometimes, it becomes difficult with everything else happening around you.


However, the focus should be on what you want to achieve. Also, consider that the person mentoring you has their own responsibilities, but they are willing to help you overcome your challenges.


First, ensure that you are committed. Even if you find it hard to commit, discover something that motivates you to always be available.


Furthermore, for any course or career you wish to pursue, acquire basic knowledge about it. Conduct your own research to enhance your understanding.

What do you plan to do with your new skills after the mentorship?


After the mentorship, I hope to go full into content marketing!


Thankfully, I got a marketing assistant position and I’m still looking out for other things so I can go deeply into content marketing.


I’m still open to opportunities if there’s anybody or organisations that are looking for either interns or they have entry level positions open.

Congratulations on the new role and we wish you success in your future endeavours! Would you recommend this mentorship program to other FCDC members?


Yes, Chima is doing great things with FCDC. Learning on your own is good, but sometimes you need guidance from people.


With FCDC and what Chima is doing, you get experienced individuals to help you through it. It’s amazing.


Connect with Chidinma on Linkedin and Twitter.

Jadesola Kareem

Passionate about content and diversity, Jadesola is a content writer. In her free time, with a cup of coffee in hand, she binges on reality shows.

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