FCDC SEO Story with Tasha Amponsah-Antwi – BrightonSEO Special

The FCDC was at BrightonSEO and we had an amazing conversation with Tasha Amponsah-Antwi.

Tasha Amponsah-Antwi is the Director of Search at Rise at seven. She helps brands gain more visibility online across platforms. She is also a fashion & beauty Specialist.

In this BrightonSEO special, Tasha discusses:

  • Her interesting transition into SEO from a career in retail
  • Her experience working at her first agency role(racial undertones, being underpaid, etc.)
  • How to close the skill gap in your first role.
  • What she did to become a better manager and bring the best out of her team.
  • The soft skills she looks out for when hiring.
  • Advice for folks from developing countries who want to get into SEO professionally.

Connect with her on Linkedin and follow her on Twitter