The Race Gap in SEO Authorship 2024

Diversity in the SEO industry is crucial because SEO is about connecting with your target audience. If your content reflects only one perspective, you might miss out on many potential customers.   A lack of diversity in SEO means missing out on valuable perspectives.   Last year, we published a report to understand the diversity […]

FCDC Women’s Month Highlight – Elizabeth Enu-Akan Elizabeth Enu-Akan is a sex health educator, content creator,   writer, and Public Health Practitioner based in Nigeria.   She tells stories of Nigerian women by a Nigerian woman, raising awareness on gender equality, and sexual and reproductive health rights. Elizabeth is passionate about using her writing and advocacy to create positive social change and […]

FCDC Women’s Month Highlight – Areeej AbuAli

We had an insightful conversation with Areej AbuAli about all the wonderful things she is doing at the the Women in Tech SEO, a community of over 8000 members, gender diversity in the industry, and more. Areej is also the founder of Crawlina, an independent SEO consultancy. This interview has been condensed for clarity. Hi […]

FCDC Women’s Month Highlight – Charlotte Lin

Meet Charlotte Lin, a Chinese-American Global Technology Associate at Prudential Financial and one of MLH’s Top 50 hackers. She is a New York University (NYU) computer science graduate. Charlotte is also a hackathon aficionado and has attended and won events like HackUC 2017, Ludum Dare 48 Game Jam, Acts 2 Campus Hack in Place 2.0, PearlHacks 2021, HackNYU 2022, HackNYU 2023, […]