FCDC Mentor Highlight: Chrissy Kidd

     https://vimeo.com/888899891?share=copy SEO manager, Chrissy Kidd is an SEO content writing mentor to Mariam Odusola and the mentorship has been an absolute success.   Chrissy talked to us about; Why she decided to become a mentor at the FCDC  Progress her mentee has made  Building a mentorship relationship through personal connections and much more […]

FCDC Mentor Highlight: Melissa Popp

https://vimeo.com/887222308?share=copy Melissa Popp is a Content Strategy Director with 20+ years of experience and this is her second time being a mentor at the FCDC. We had an insightful conversation with Melissa about her experience as as an content marketing mentor to FCDC member Chidinma Nwanorue. Melissa shares her reason for being a mentor at the FCDC, the key […]