Freelance Coalition - Hire BIPOC Talent Profile Submission

Welcome to the Freelance Coalition talent page! We’re thrilled you’re interested in showcasing your skills and expertise to a wider audience. This platform is designed to connect you with hiring managers actively seeking top-tier talent.

The Process

After you submit this form, our team will review your details. If approved, your profile will be live on our Hire BIPOC Talent page. Keep in mind, we refresh the talent page every week, but we won’t send out individual emails to confirm your profile’s addition.

The Impact

Our talent page aims to bridge the gap between talented freelancers from developing countries and hiring managers looking for exceptional skills. This initiative will not only increase your visibility but also encourage employers to diversify their talent pool by connecting directly with our community members.

Submission Guidelines

Please read the instructions carefully for each entry. For profile pictures, only upload an image with .jpg or .png format, as other formats won’t be supported by our system.

BIPOC Talent Profile Submission Form

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