FCDC SEO Story with Andi Jarvis- BrightonSEO Special

The FCDC was at BrightonSEO and we were able to chat with some amazing folks, including the wonderful Andi Jarvis!

Andi Jarvis is the founder of Eximo Marketing. He runs intensive build-your-own-strategy workshops and a people development program to help marketers design, develop and implement an effective marketing strategy. 

He has also spoken at events in the UK, USA, Slovenia, Ireland, Germany, Albania, and Macedonia.

In this BrightonSEO special, Andi discusses:

  • His experience with bad management
  • Knowing when to leave a job.
  • Essential skills you need to succeed 
  • How he pivoted from having a degree in sports management to starting his own agency.
  • Advice for people trying to position their new business.
  • Advice for folks trying to get their first role.

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