Crossing the Colour Barrier: How to earn Your First $1k and Do It Consistently

What’s better than one smart, beautiful, successful woman? THREE!!!

For this episode, we brought three African women who started from the ground and have built successful freelance businesses.

Lily Ugbaja is a content writer and strategist. With over 6 years of experience, Lily has done amazing work with clients like Semrush, Shopify, and Animalz Lily talks about;

-How to attract, convert, and retain clients.

-Leveraging your results and testimonials

Afoma Umesi is one of the best freelance B2B writers and editors in the industry. She started writing content as a teenager and has since then, gone on to work for reputable MarTech and cybersecurity SaaS brands App Sumo and Zapier. Afoma talks about;

-How she started and her growth tactics

-How to apply/reach out to people on social media

-How to leverage social media to grow your audience

-How to choose a profitable niche

Chima Mmeje is an SEO content writer and content strategist who specializes in building and executing topic clusters for SaaS companies. She has worked with clients like Wix, Semrush, and Aura.

Chima talks about;

-The importance of a website for a freelancer

– The blood-brain barrier of a good website.

Huge thanks to WithFrontier for sponsoring this episode of the FCDC Expert Series. WithFrontier is a unique recruitment consultancy that specialises in recruitment for performance marketing and ecommerce roles at all levels.