Pride Month at the FCDC and Other Initiatives.

Pride Month At the FCDC

Pride Month is a time of celebration, visibility, and solidarity for the LGBTQ+ community.


At the FCDC, we are proud to partner with organizations like JoinTOFU and TylerHakes for #PrideMonth2023.


In this article, we will be discussing our plans for pride month and a few updates on other initiatives.


FCDC Pride Month Special: Spotlighting Queer FCDC Community Members🏳️‍🌈


In the spirit of celebrating pride, we want to recognize and appreciate the contributions of our queer community members. To launch the series, we are spotlighting Adedoyin Afolabi.


She is a talented graphic designer responsible for creating all the visually appealing design assets used at the FCDC.


In this episode, she discusses;

  • Navigating Nigeria as a masculine-presenting woman
  • The importance of community for queer people living in countries with inhumane anti-gay laws
  • Coming out while living in Nigeria


Huge thank you to the awesome folks at Top of the Funnel for sponsoring this episode and making the FCDC pride month specials possible!


Join Top Of The Funnel for FREE and get actionable tips, strategies, and opportunities from world-class content marketers!

Watch The Episode


The FCDC Expert Series are Back🚀🚀

Bernard Huang FCDC Expert Series

We are pleased to announce that the second season of the FCDC Expert Series is on!


To kick off the season, Bernard Huang will be revealing the secrets of crafting search-optimized content that captivates users.


Through a unique teardown format, Bernard will analyze a content example, providing invaluable insights into strategy and writing enhancements.


Don’t miss this essential session for content professionals, strategists, and those immersed in creating impactful content.


Register here


You can find more information about the upcoming expert series here.


This webinar and recordings are only available to FCDC Members. If you’d like to join the coalition, kindly register here.


The FCDC SEO Story series (BrightonSEO Edition) is now available!


Kristina AzarenkoNitin Manchanda  

Ian Helms Isa Lavahun


TheFCDC was at Brighton SEO and we had insightful chats with some industry experts on their career journey.


First up, we have the wonderful Kristina Azarenko who discussed;

  • Working as a debt collector
  • Finding SEO
  • Migrating from Belarus to Canada
  • Going all in with course creation


Watch it here

All other episodes can be viewed here

Plans For BrightonSEO October 2023.

Donate to the FCDC

We have many FCDC members in the UK who want to attend the next Brighton SEO but can’t afford it.


Our target is to sponsor 20 FCDC members (double what we sponsored for April) to attend the event in October. The same cost of 160 GBP. 


We have discussed why diversity at these SEO events is extremely important.

If you’d like to make our target a reality, kindly donate here 


Please consider making a donation as we seek to diversify the hallways of SEO events.


FCDC Mentorships and Cohorts Training.

We’re bringing back cohorts in September, and we’re looking for three experienced content folks to teach:

  • Content writing
  • Copywriting
  • Content marketing


Here’s how it works;

  • You create the curriculum for the cohort and work through that curriculum over 3 months, starting September 1st and ending November 30th
  • 10 students in your cohort, and you’ll meet live on Zoom once a week for an hour to 90 minutes.


This is voluntary for expert content professionals who want to give back to underrepresented communities.


The goal of the cohort is to equip BIPOC folks with digital skills to work remotely while living in developing countries.


Past cohort teachers include Aleyda Solis, Tom Pool, Roxana Stingu, and Jamie Indigo.


Each of them will tell you that it’s one of the most rewarding things you can do if you’re passionate about leveling the playing field.


We also celebrate with two of Aleyda’s students from the 2022 cohort who have landed new roles.


  • Kingsley Osadim was promoted to a FullTime hire after a 3month internship with Second Eclipse
  • Prachi Keshavani has started a job with IdaSports

The primary goal of the cohort is to put money in the hands of BIPOC marketers by equipping them with digital skills.


Every time we hear they have gotten a job, it’s mission accomplished for us at The FCDC.


Interested in teaching a cohort? kindly send a mail to or reach out to Chima


FCDC mentorship program

The FCDC mentorship program also kicks off in September 2023.


If you’re passionate about helping BIPOC marketers to upskill and access markets they thought impossible, please consider signing up as a mentor.


The timeline is one hour a week for two months.


We’ve paired over 200 mentees through this program and we’re hoping we can get that number up to 300 by the end of October!


Mentorships can be life-changing. Through mentorship, mentees can gain self-awareness, build confidence, and develop a growth mindset.


It also assists them in navigating their career paths by providing guidance on goal setting, skill development, and professional networking.


If you’re interested kindly sign up here.


Become an FCDC Sponsor!

We need sponsors to keep our initiatives running.


If any company would love to sponsor, please reach out to Chima. Here are our rates for sponsorships:


  • Mentorship program: 3,000 GBP
  • FCDC Expert Series: 1,000 GBP (per episode)
  • Live cohort training: 3,500 GBP (three sponsors per cohort)


Sponsorship means you believe in our mission to provide free resources, training, and mentorship for Black and Brown skin people who live in developing countries and wouldn’t be able to afford these resources otherwise.


We brand all design and video assets with your company logo. We also link to you on our sponsor page, email newsletter, resource page, and social media posts.


We are aware many brands think of ROI in terms of revenue, but we believe that investing in disadvantaged communities is a priority for brands that care about diversity.



Jadesola Kareem

Passionate about content and diversity, Jadesola is a content writer. In her free time, with a cup of coffee in hand, she binges on reality shows.

Donate to the Freelance Coalition

We rely on public funding to fulfill our mission of diversifying SEO and content industries. Your donation allows us to keep our programs free for members who live in developing countries and can’t pay for expensive courses or training.
Consider becoming a monthly donor from £5 a month to fund the FCDC

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